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Illuminated Signs Brighten Your Atlantic Business

Our creative team is ready to light the way for businesses across the Atlantic Provinces with beautifully lit signage. Dobbelsteyn’s illuminated signs identify hospitals, schools, businesses and municipal organizations. Grab your customers' attention and generate walk-in traffic with one of these illuminated options:

LED Channel Letters and Logos

These are the most common used type of sign in most retail stores, office spaces, malls and shopping centers today. Channel letter signs are illuminated with energy efficient LED lighting and constructed with metal sides. The faces are finished using plastic or metal to let the light shine through. The ability to customize these signs to fit your logo gives your business a unique look.

Sign Box Cabinets

One of the most popular types of signs available today; cabinet signs are traditional box-shaped signs. Available options include:

  • LED or fluorescent lighting
  • Vinyl text and logo
  • Full-colour printed graphics
  • Flat face or raised lettering
  • Push-through lettering with lit edges

Monument Signs

Monument signs are great for single tenant commercial properties as they are generally low in height and aesthetically pleasing. By choosing to illuminate a monument sign, your message will be easy to read and leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are freestanding signs that are very effective at indicating entrances, providing directions and drawing attention to businesses. Our pylon signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated and are available in a multitude of materials to suit your property and building styles. Construction consists of a cabinet sitting atop steel or wood posts which can be exposed or hidden with decorative cladding or brick monumental bases.

Fascia Signs

Fascia signs are mounted to walls or other vertical surfaces and most commonly used by retail businesses to promote their location, illuminated or non-illuminated. These signs are very customizable and available in foam, PVC, acrylic, aluminum or wood.

Church Signs

Many churches today want to identify the church, religion and display a message. We have a variety of options for church signs including monument signs with lit or non-lit letters, interior directional signs and crosses for the entrance or on top of a steeple. We also create signs with changeable copy panels allowing you to tailor your message for specific services or announcements. These signs can be lit or non-illuminated.

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